The web is a great and fascinating tool. So many things one can do online and because of the web hundreds of inventions have come up. With all the advantages of the net, from online shopping to social networking, it is hard to believe that there could be a side of it that is scary. The internet has a several advantages, but it can also be a very insecure place and for vulnerable people. Several kinds of criminals on the web use this technology in a way that is not legal. 

 There are some who use the web to spy and troll, while others stalk and commit fraud online. Whichever the case, the people who are involved in cyber crimes try to hide their faces by keeping their locations secrete. It is not so hard to remain anonymous on the web, several techniques can be employed. Some of these techniques require meticulous planning and organization. 

Remaining unknown online is more than just using a pseudonym. One has to do several things such as using a VPN or rerouting IP addresses. All though this is so, it is still possible to catch someone if they become careless or if they are not properly conversant with the digital hide and seek. For facts about IP address, visit this website at http://community.wikia.com/wiki/Admin_Forum:How_can_I_see_a_registered_user's_IP_address%3F

If an individual is not so good at hiding finding where they are located can be very easy. It is possible to use an IP address locater app to find the location of an individual. This can help narrow down the exact place to find a hacker or cyber criminal. Nonetheless, when dealing with very smart criminals, looking for a digital trail or footprint is another method that can be used to find them. The method involves finding out which sites the individual has visited, who they have contacted online and their specific digital location. A combination of such skills and behavioral analysis makes it easy to target any individual even in the deep web. 

Private IP addresses do not belong to only the malicious people online. As a matter of fact, anybody can have their individual IP addresses. Below are some of the benefits of having a personal IP address. 


As previously mentioned, the Internet can be a very risky place. Aside from hackers and fraudsters, there are malware, Trojans, and worms online. A private IP address protects you from such threats because it is not connected to any external networks. Many businesses and organizations have lost a lot of money due to these threats. Studies have shown that  such occurrences can be alleviated by using private networks. Know whats my ip here! 

Self-Contained Network

Private networks are never susceptible to technical problems because they do not depend on external networks. It does not face problems like poor Internet connectivity or external outages which can interfere with different online activities. Click to know what is my ip address here! 


When one is working online, it is very important to always ensure that their Internet connection is secure.